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Here you'll find everything you need to get started, pick up some new tips, and learn about Showplace. Designing or remodeling any space can be a daunting project—but with our expert assistance, the process is simple. We're experienced professionals who take pride in our work, and will help educate others no matter what stage of the process they're in. Get the details of creating your custom cabinetry below. 

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Expressive Choices

Ready to immerse yourself in the really fun stuff? Then this video is for you. As you'll see, with Showplace, your expressive options are almost unlimited, freeing your creativity, and helping to bring your unique vision to life.

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Showplace Dealers

Hear independent dealers from around the country talk about why Showplace cabinetry is a preferred brand for them and their customers.

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Showplace Cabinetry is manufactured in energy-efficient facilities, passing the toughest tests of durability and performance.

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Tiger’s victory reminds us what it takes to win

All successful companies have a strong drive for excellence and we believe Showplace is one of them. We want to be at the top of our game every day, in every project, with every customer—and we work hard to achieve excellence with everything we do.

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A company philosophy of good value

I define value as getting the most for your cabinetry dollar—the best quality, the most flexible design, fashion-forward styling and the greatest number of options. We strive to set Showplace apart from other cabinet companies at our mid-range price point while offering everything that higher-priced cabinet manufacturers offer.

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Fighting back against illegal Chinese trade practices

Leaders in the American cabinet industry are mounting an active legal response to the threat posed to our industry by Chinese government-subsidized cabinets illegally being dumped on the U.S. market, cheating the very idea of fair trade.

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A good day for a company leader

Taking care of our team of employee-owners and keeping our promises to grow the company for them while improving their earning capacity has a positive impact on crafting a better product...

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