A company philosophy of good value

From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, president Showplace Cabinetry          

There are a lot of cabinets on the market today, with price points that vary wildly from bargain basement economy to high-end luxury. Each level of cabinetry will meet certain consumer—or builder—needs, but few will check off all the requirements of features vs. price. Here at Showplace Cabinetry, it has always been our philosophy to change that equation, and do everything the customer needs, but at a price that is consumer-friendly and—most importantly—a great value.

            I define value as getting the most for your cabinetry dollar—the best quality, the most flexible design, fashion-forward styling and the greatest number of options. We strive to set Showplace apart from other cabinet companies at our mid-range price point while offering everything that higher-priced cabinet manufacturers offer. When we can give the cabinet consumer more for less, we prove the value of Showplace.

            Our goal is to answer every question with a YES. We distance ourselves from the low-price, cut-rate companies and position our cabinetry so that customers who want a high-end cabinet can buy Showplace with confidence. We enhance our quality, improve our efficiency and strengthen our product line all with the same goal—to be the best value in North American cabinetry. That’s been our goal from the beginning.

            Partnership makes this possible. Building value in today’s competitive—and increasingly complex—marketplace requires stable management and leadership, people on the production floor who see themselves as vital partners in the growth of this company and dealers who believe in the Showplace product and provide a trustworthy source of cabinet design options to consumers. In order to answer every question with a YES, a company must have shared goals and committed partners.

           In our drive to be the best value in cabinetry, we have those strengths—and a pledge to actively continue our drive to achieve that distinction.

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