A good day for a company leader

From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, president Showplace Cabinetry

Recently, I had one of the best days a CEO can have. Almost all of the Showplace employee-owners met together in one room, about 500 of us, and I had the pleasure of announcing an across the board pay raise for the fourth year in a row. Along with performance increases and this year’s 20% decrease in health insurance premiums paid by employees, Showplace is proud to have one of the best compensation packages in our region. We are also continually upgrading our production areas and provide a workout space and cafeteria for the convenience of our team members. We’re a family here at Showplace, and we want our employee-owners to want to be here supporting our customers every day.

          Taking care of our team of employee-owners and keeping our promises to grow the company for them while improving their earning capacity has a positive impact on crafting a better product, with a high level of quality, with the end-result being satisfied homeowners across North America. By reducing turnover and maximizing recruitment, we’re retaining an experienced workforce. As a mature company with seasoned leaders and a personally-invested production and service team, we’re better prepared to drive innovation and change while continuing to lead our industry. 

          We already have a wide variety of product and design improvements in the pipeline for 2019—we’ll be sharing more information on them throughout the first half of the year. I’m excited about the innovations we’re preparing, and our team is, too. The ownership we all have in Showplace carries over into the ownership we feel for the products we ship out. It’s fun for all of us to introduce new ideas and see them accepted and shared throughout our service area.

          Every market throughout the United States is experiencing the challenge of recruiting the best people and keeping them as part of a productive, growing company. Our headquarters region is one of the most competitive in the country, but Showplace continues to add great new members to our team. Part of that success is that we treat—and compensate—our employee-owners well, but part of it is also that qualified job-seekers are attracted to joining an industry leader and producing some of the best cabinets available today.

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