How to shop for cabinetry today

From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, president Showplace Cabinetry 

Today’s cabinet shopper is a tech-savvy, sophisticated consumer who has prepared for the buying experience by researching style trends and cabinet innovations. Those shoppers have seen the latest colors, newest door styles and the hottest combinations of texture, color and materials in kitchens, baths and other modern rooms. So how can we aid consumers in their quest for cabinetry? What else should today’s cabinet shoppers consider? Here are a few ideas that may help.

          1.       Trust the pros. Cabinets are a big purchase, and it pays to buy them from someone who knows how to design cabinetry for your specific room—and knows the innovations available for maximizing your use of those new cabinets. A big box store does not typically have people on staff who are well trained in cabinet design, layout and product lines. Go with the professionals and seek out a cabinet dealer who specializes in selling cabinets and related products.

          2.       Keep it personal. Your new kitchen is a reflection of your personal taste. That room will shape the way you entertain, the kind of cooking you do and the ways in which your family interacts. Your color choices, your appliance needs and your style of living are all part of the decision you’ll make—so you need to trust the person who is helping you make those choices. Find a cabinet professional who knows every step in the process, from design to installation, and can help make it easier for you.

          3.       Look at value, not price. Manufactured cabinetry offers a full spectrum of options, from low-end stock cabinets to the most expensive custom cabinetry. More than ever before, cabinet consumers have the opportunity to get the most from their cabinet dollar with a cabinet line like Showplace. Our company and our cabinets are built to meet the needs of the widest possible range of consumers. We’ve positioned our semi-custom cabinets to give cabinet buyers infinite flexibility and to compete with high-end cabinetry on quality while providing the best value in price. With Showplace and EVO, smart shoppers get current looks, fresher styling and fashion-forward colors without breaking the bank.

          Cabinet consumers can have it all by choosing high style, high value cabinets from a trusted Showplace dealer.

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