Keeping Showplace efficient and affordable in a changing economy

From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, president Showplace Cabinetry 

With the housing and remodeling industries currently so strong across the U.S., it’s no surprise that cabinet manufacturers find themselves in an inflationary economy, with increases in the costs of materials, transportation and talent. The way in which a manufacturer addresses these challenges says a lot about its company culture and its long-term ability to meet the needs of customers and North American consumers.

          Here at Showplace, our strength comes from our strong, employee-owned management structure. Showplace is an island in the North American cabinet industry, with no abrupt corporate changes in course on the horizon, with the strength of a growing company and the active participation of our employee-owners to chart the future.

          As a mature 100%-employee-owned company, we have the added strength of experienced management, production and departmental leaders who are invested in this company for the long term. Our response to the challenge of recruiting talent during a time of low national and regional unemployment is our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which makes Showplace team members more involved in the company.

          Our employee owners understand that everything we do to make Showplace more efficient, more responsive to customer needs and more attractive to cabinet consumers makes our company stronger and better. We’re able to stay viable in an inflationary period of American business growth because the attitude of our employee-owners keeps us on-track and on-mission.

          Having longevity of service in key positions in our company allows for greater innovation and helps us maintain our goals of timeliness, value and meeting the expectations of our customers. As Showplace grows, we’re able to maximize purchasing efficiencies. With our employee-owners invested in our future, we’re able to reduce waste and enhance productivity—because we care.           

        Showplace believes in producing the right products at the right price—and our employee-owners make it possible for us to do just that, regardless of the current economic conditions.

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