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From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, president Showplace Cabinetry 

When Showplace began crafting cabinetry in 2000, we originally sourced our standard doors from a separate company. When demand for Showplace cabinets took off like a rocket—and more and more of our customers learned of the customization available with Showplace cabinets—we quickly understood we needed to build our own doors.

          In 2001, we opened a door manufacturing facility in nearby Beresford, South Dakota that has grown with our company. During the past year, Showplace has invested over $1 million in our door plant, adding new state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the durability, quality and consistency of our cabinet doors. Trucks are on the road constantly, with up to three deliveries of doors from Beresford to our Harrisburg plants daily.

          As the cabinet industry continues to consolidate—a trend that is only accelerating—the level of independence you’ll find at Showplace is becoming a rarity. Increasingly, larger companies buy out smaller ones, manufacturers merge into unwieldy conglomerates, or private equity firms acquire portfolios of cabinet manufacturers along with a stable of other home improvement companies.

          Counter to these trends, Showplace is determined to remain a well-run manufacturing company willing to invest in itself and in the future, by putting money into new equipment, new technology and our manufacturing plants. What we’re really investing in is our people. With the number of American cabinet companies declining, the giants in our industry have become more about profit. That’s not the game Showplace is in. We believe the consolidation we’re seeing in the cabinet industry makes our position as a privately held, employee-owned company stronger.

        While any manufacturer needs to show profitability, Showplace is more concerned about people—our employee-owners, our dealer-partners and their clients—and the value of relationships, quality products and timely delivery. At the core, we grow our company for the people who work at Showplace and share our pride in what we make. We believe our dealer-partners—many of them small business owners like us—get that. They don’t want to work for a big conglomerate, either. That’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning—we care about the company, the people we work with, and the work we do for others.

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